Programs & Ministries

Pastoral care is available to all members and visitors.

The following programs are available at the First Christian Reformed Church of Toronto. For more information about any of these programs please contact the This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

• Children's Worship (ages 3-5)
• Sunday School (grades 1-7)
• Catechism for Youth (grades 8-10)
• Small Groups
• Adult Education Sessions (occasional)

Nursery is available during each service for children three years of age and under. The nursery is equipped with infant seats, portable cribs, an exersaucer and lots of toys.

Children's Worship
Children's Worship is available to children aged 3-6 up to Senior Kindergarten. Children leave from the worship service to attend Children's Worship downstairs following the Children's Blessing, as noted in the liturgy leaflet.

Sunday School
Sunday School is offered for children in grades 1 to 7, from September through June. Currently we have two classes, Junior and Senior. We follow the LiFE and DWELL curricula from Faith Alive Christian Resources. The program offers fun and interactive lessons from a Reformed perspective. Children leave the worship service for Sunday School following the Children's Blessing, as noted in the liturgy leaflet.

Catechism for Youth
Catechism classes are currenlty offered for youth in grades 8 to 10 on most Sundays (aside from holiday weekends) during September through June.  We use a variety of curriculum materials and discussion topics for these classes.

Small Groups
Belong to a supportive and caring community…
Small Groups is a program in which groups of church members meet on a regular basis for fellowship. Joining a small group is an opportunity to be in closer fellowship with other church members and a chance to form a more intimate community of sharing.

The Goals of Small Groups are:
to nurture a community where people can develop intimate, personal relationships with others and be encouraged to grow in their faith
• to foster a spirit of celebration and joy through prayer, singing, laughter, and fellowship
• to explore the Word of God in Scripture, liturgy, devotional resources, and each other
• to develop a concern and empathy for those who are struggling in our communities and outside our communities
• to encourage active service

Living in a large, urban environment can often mean that our lives are fast-paced and frantic, lacking the time to develop quality relationships. There are so many people we relate to on a daily basis that it is often easier to give each person only a little time and no more. We often act the same way in church, giving only so much of our time for Sunday worship and other church activities. We miss the chance to fellowship with others. Small groups is an opportunity to belong to a supportive and caring community!

Contact the chuch office if you would like to join a Small Group.


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